Amatsu Shinmei-goo has over 800 years` history, founded by MINAMOTO no Yoritomo.

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Boshu Ise no Miya  Amatsu Shinmei-goo
Jingu Jinja Honcho
Deified Kami-Sama(Gods)
  • Amaterasu-Okami
  • Toyouke-Okami
  • Yae-KotoshiroNushi-no-Kami (Ebisu-Sama)
  • Oyamazumi-Okami and 7 Kami are deified.
Amatsu Shinmei Jinja was founded by Minamoto-no-Yoritomo, the first *Shogun of Kamakura **Bakufu, at 1186, and has its own great History of over 80 decades.
But, according to old-literatures, before Amatsu Shinmei Jinja founded, there used to be a small Jinja(shrine), where Ebisu-Sama was deified.
Ebisu-Sama is one of Japanese Kami in ancient era., who was ruking Izumo, Shimane prefecture in present, and he came here and ruled east part of Japan. So people respected and dedicated a small Jinja to him, and that small Jinja had been called "Mouke-Myoujin" and worshiped much in a long term.
In present, Amatsu Shimei Jinja, which has so great history, is being got close and worshiped as much as in past with many many people.

*Shogun : a general
**Bakufu : the shogunate